Award winning photojournalist Lee Thompson has been at the heart of many of the world's top breaking stories.

Whether it is covering the Egyptian Revolution, the Tsunami in Japan or the Libyan civil war, Lee's photos have continuously graced the front pages.

Always rising to the challenge, his work has taken him across the world to areas as diverse as war-torn Congo and the slums of India.

His natural talent, dedication and passion for photography shines through his work, which has appeared in magazines and newspapers across the globe.

In 2013 Lee set up a group travel company called The Flash Pack and is now teaching street photography in some of his favourite countries.

If you want to join Lee on the streets of Istanbul then contact him today.

Lee is also a well respected PR photographer and has worked for clients such as McDonalds, Monsoon Accessorize, Christian Aid and Hyundai.

Lee Thompson at the Gaza strip